Ejii-chan’s Tokyo Homecoming

For the past couple of years, we have been dreaming of travelling outside the country, but the thought of the expenses and the busy schedules always held us back. Our luck finally turned around when Ejii-chan chanced upon a round-trip flight to Tokyo-Narita for an unbelievable Php 4,800 (£70). As soon as we heard about the seat sale, we immediately took advantage of it and secured our spots. The following steps are bound to eagerly anticipating our upcoming adventure in Tokyo.

Ejii-chan, as a former exchange student, had the opportunity to live in Tokyo for a considerable amount of time during her high school days. She often finds herself reminiscing about those days, and each step she takes in Tokyo brings back a flood of sweet nostalgia. She often speaks about her visits to the bustling neighbourhoods of Akihabara and Ueno, where her hostess would always remind her to carry an umbrella as the city is known for its seasonal heavy rainfalls, especially during the summer and fall. She treasures the memories of the delicious meals her Japanese foster parents would prepare for her before heading off to school. Moreover, she looks back fondly on her daily commute in Tokyo, which was always a delightful experience in the world’s largest metropolis.

As the chilly autumn night started to engulf Tokyo, we finally arrived at Narita Airport around 8 P.M. Our top priority was to get to downtown Tokyo as quickly and efficiently as possible. We meticulously considered the various transportation options and after weighing the pros and cons, we unanimously decided to board the rapid Keisei train to Asakusa. As we gazed out the train’s windows, we couldn’t help but marvel at the city’s bright lights and towering skyscrapers. Upon reaching Asakusa, we seamlessly transferred trains to Toyocho, where our hotel awaits literally just a few steps away from the metro station.

“It’s been 15 long years.” She told me, smiling, as we disembarked from the metro.

Okaerinasai, Ejii-chan.” I replied.

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