The Alluring Ascent to Tokyo SkyTree

Asakusa’s shrines are a must-see for anyone visiting Tokyo. The tour we took was a perfect blend of ancient and modern architecture, showcasing the area’s rich history and contemporary design. After exploring the shrines, we made our way to the Tokyo SkyTree to witness the beauty of the sunset from a bird’s-eye view. The SkyTree is an engineering marvel, towering at an impressive height of 634 meters and offering panoramic views of the entire city. Completed in 2012, the SkyTree is one of the tallest man-made structures in the world, sharing this distinction with other landmarks such as Merdeka 118 in Kuala Lumpur and Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Rising above the Sumida skyline in Tokyo, the SkyTree is a famous tower that stands as a symbol of modern Japan’s technological advancement. The tower is home to some of Japan’s most prominent broadcast stations, including NHK, TV Asahi, Nippon TV, and TV Tokyo, which transmit their programs across the country and beyond.

At the base of the tower lies Tokyo Solamachi, a vibrant complex that offers an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. This lively hub houses an impressive collection of stores, ranging from fashion boutiques to souvenir shops, where visitors can find unique items to take back home. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants and cafes where one can indulge in delicious Japanese cuisine or international delicacies while admiring the stunning views of the cityscape. Lastly, the Sumida Aquarium is also located within the complex, providing visitors with a chance to explore the mesmerizing world of marine life.

We purchased our tickets in advance through for around PHP 750, which gave us access to the Tembo Deck located at the 350m level of the tower. From the Tembo Deck, we were able to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Tokyo. The ticket purchase process was hassle-free and convenient, and we were able to avoid the long queues at the ticket counter. Additionally, Klook also offers tickets in advance for the Galleria (450m) and the Sumida Aquarium, which are both popular attractions.

As you embark on your journey to the Tembo Deck, you will be whisked away from the ground in one of the tower’s four elevators. These elevators are no ordinary means of transportation, as they are capable of reaching a top speed of 600 meters per minute. In just under 30 seconds, you will find yourself at the Tembo Deck observatory. This experience is truly amazing, especially when you think about comparing it to conventional elevators that typically travel at a much slower pace of 80 to 100 meters per minute. Prepare to be amazed as you ascend to the Tembo Deck in record time.

We arrived at about 4 pm, just in time to witness the city bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. We spent a few hours wandering around, marveling at the cityscape that seemed to stretch on endlessly. Every corner of the deck offered a new and exciting view that left us in awe. The deck offers an unobstructed 360-degree view, allowing you to take in the full majesty of this metropolis.

As we made our way to the top, we couldn’t help but notice the steady stream of visitors increasing with each passing hour. However, when we finally arrived at our destination, we were pleased to find a multitude of comfortable seating options available to us, affording us the perfect opportunity to rest and take in the stunning panoramic views. To make the most of our time, we decided to indulge in some refreshing beverages from a quaint café located on the 350m floor. With our thirst quenched, we eagerly snapped photos, capturing the magical moments as the sun slowly descended below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the sky.

As the sun began to set, the skyline gradually transformed before our very eyes. The once grey and muted buildings began to sparkle with bright white and neon lights, creating a stunning backdrop of darkness trinkled with flecks of colorful lights. It was a sight that left us speechless, and we were grateful to have witnessed such a magnificent display.

If you are lucky enough to witness a clear day, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the majestic Mount Fuji in the distance when you face west. The striking snow-capped peak of the dormant volcano is a sight to behold. However, during our visit, we were not so fortunate, as the mountain was shrouded in a thick veil of clouds, rendering it invisible to us.

As the clock struck past seven in the evening, we decided to leave and venture back down into the city. The bustling streets were already illuminated, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. We made our way descending through the towering structure, eager to explore its many attractions. On the 340m floor, we discovered a charming souvenir shop, filled with trinkets and knick-knacks that captured the essence of the city. Although we were unable to access the café on the 330m floor due to prior reservations, we continued exploring the tower. As we descended to the base, we further rummaged through Tokyo Solamachi’s shops and restaurants. We indulged in some window shopping and treated ourselves to a light dinner, savoring the flavors and art of Japanese cuisine. As the night drew to a close, it started to drizzle. We headed to the nearest train station, eager to return to our hotel in Toyocho, filled with memories of our wonderful visit to the SkyTree.

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