The Reason Why “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK” Is A Must-Read

As I randomly search for a book that I believe can help me become a little bit more courageous and assertive, as being born too introverted and softspoken in this universe of ours, I came across with “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK” by Mark Manson.


This book showcases on how to have a counterintuitive approach to living a good life. Manson’s advice to every reader emanates the idea of getting to know our limitations as a person, thus, be able to accept every small bit of it. It is indeed a source of fulfillment and empowerment. This book also includes short anecdotal experiences of renowned individuals. Hence, conveyed how their choices affected their own happiness and sense of completeness. The book itself became an international bestseller. Well, as for me, maybe it’s because of the essence of it posing confident and overpowering lines that can trigger every emotion – be it anger, desperation, confidence, and gratitude.

Life is Short

As I read each chapter, I realized that there is more to life than giving a f*ck over unnecessary things in this finite world. Life is indeed short. Short of cliched but as it was said in the book, “we have limited f*cks to give”. Thus, “we need to make use of it wisely”. Our goal is to give our few f*cks to the things and people we truly care about. This could be our career, family, relationship, true friends, and most importantly, yourself.

A Book You Can Relate With

Honestly, this book is life-changing. To give you an idea, I am an introvert with mixed anxieties and depressive tendencies. I rarely speak up. Overthinking and rumination are my best friends. My mind sometimes is filled with circling, neverending emotions that are hard to break. So after spending time reading page-by-page, this book has taught me at least to not give too much attention to things that do not matter. Remember, if we are going to give our limited “f*cks” (attention, time, self) to everything that is happening around us and will keep on happening around us, we will be left feeling exhausted and empty until there’s nothing more to give eventually.

Give it a read, mate, and you might be surprised. Who knows? In the next few days, aside from learning some good vibing lines and anecdotes, you could master how to curse better. JK!

The book came with a free bookmark. “Your mind is the asset that must be work on most and understood best.” – Ryan Holiday

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Thanks and happy reading!